Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail (FSPDT): 2 Easy Ways to Decorate Pumpkins with Young Kids
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2 Easy Ways to Decorate Pumpkins with Young Kids

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Here are 2 easy ways we decorate pumpkins with our young kids.  My oldest loves this time of year and decorating pumpkins is one of his favorite things to do.  It is great this year that little brother can participate too.

1. Sticker faces- for these we found stickers at the dollar tree for the kids to decorate the pumpkins with.  Another fun idea would be to just use fall or Halloween type stickers for the kids to stick all over the pumpkins. 
Here is a link to a sticker kit for pumpkins and one more link.

   2 Easy Ways to Decorate Pumpkins with Young Kids

 My oldest seems to be planning out his ideas for the face.
 Little brother and I made his and here he was telling me to get his pumpkin:-)
This picture of little bro was blurry so I changed the effect on it.
 Little brother and I got done first and he went to see if big brother needed help.
Very cute and very easy for my preschooler and toddler to be able to decorate their own pumpkins.

2.  Mr Potato Head Face Kit for Pumpkin- Before my first son was even born my mom got him a face decorating kit for a pumpkin( at Target).  We decorated the pumpkin that first year for him even though he was still in my tummy,lol.  And then we decorated it with him the following year.  Last year the pieces broke( because they were old) and we found him a replacement face.  He loved the Mr Potato Head kit( we found at Walmart).  Thank goodness he accepted the new face kit.  They sell face kits at lots of stores and would hope they would be easy for you to find also. 
Here is one link I found that sells this kit.

We have found that the plastic pieces are hard to get in the pumpkin alone.  Daddy takes a screw driver and makes holes for the pieces first for my oldest and then he gets to come in and put the face pieces in himself.  My son loves that he can make his own "pumpkin head".

Time to put on the hat. 

He was so proud of his pumpkin he wanted me to take a picture of him with it to show off.

These are just 2 easy ways we have found to let our kids help decorate pumpkins.  This has also become a family tradition to create new pumpkins each year with the kids.  It is a great way to make lasting family memories with our kids.  I look forward to many more years of making fun pumpkin creations with my boys. 

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  1. LOVE these ideas---such great ways to do something different with the pumpkins!


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