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Sponge Bath Activity- easy and fun

I love cheap, easy,and fun.  This bath activity is just that.  I love finding ways to add a little extra fun to bath time over here at my house.  Since baby brother joined the family, bath time has been a bit crazy over here.

Beach Time Sensory Sink

A few weeks ago my oldest son grabbed his stool and started playing in the sink.  He was playing with a bucket, a few noodles that were stuck in it(from something else we had played in that day), and some soapy water.  He went and grabbed

Fun Dino Bath for The Kids

    We love simple tub time fun at our house.  This Dino bath is just that.  My boys both loved playing with the eggs and dinosaurs in the tub.  They have also asked for this same bath since.

10 Bath Activities Kids Love

We love simple yet fun bath time at my house.  The bath is such a fun place to play.  Bath time alone offers kids a fun sensory experience.  We love to add a little learning and extra sensory fun to ours sometimes.  Today I am sharing 10+ of

Glow Stick and Balloon Birthday Bath Activity

Do you have birthday traditions with your kids?  We started a  birthday bath tradition with big brother last year.  So when his birthday came back around, it was time for a new birthday bath!  Last year we did a simple and fun Birthday Bath.

Gingerbread Bath Paint~ baby safe

  Baby brother just loved his first finger paints for the tub I made him.  I just loved watching him as he explored painting in the tub for the first time.  A simple and fun sensory activity for baby has been his bath paints.  With the Christmas holiday coming

Alphabet Soup Bath

Here is an easy to put together bath.  It is fun and educational for the kids.  My kids love to go into the bathroom to find a fun bath set up for them to enjoy.   For this night I got out 2 bowls and

Tractor bath

My boys love themed baths!  They don’t get them every night, so when they do they love it.  Don’t get me wrong they have everyday bath toys they play with on a regular basis in there and they enjoy them.  On the nights we

The color green bath theme

We stated doing a new color bath theme for the boys.  They really seemed to enjoy it.  We started with a red bath.  This night it was a green bath.  What I did was have my oldest help me the night before find some

The color orange bath theme

Tonight will be orange night as requested by my son.  He said we had to do orange bc it is his favorite color.  We added orange toys, yellow and red fizzy tablets to make orange water, and a little orange extract to give it