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Indian headband

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We are making rain sticks for Earth Day and I thought we should have Indian headbands to go with it.  This way we can go outside with our rain sticks and headbands and do a rain dance!  This site Kidscraftzone has the feather template I used and directions on how to make a headband.

Indian headband

What you need:  

Colored cardstock paper, and brown construction paper, glue stick and hot glue gun, scissors and feather template(to print out your feathers).  If you want you could freehand the feathers?  I am not that good.

Indian headband

What to do:

I took my brown construction paper and glued it to white cardstock to make it stronger.  Then cut out 2 strips and wrapped it around my sons head to fit.  Went back and glued it with glue stick and glue gun.  Then I printed out the feather template on 4 colors of cardstock and cut out.  Last glued the feathers to the headband.  Now it's time for a rain dance!

Indian headband

Our rain stick and headband.  This is part of our Earth day activities at our house.

We have found that our headbands have come in handy for thanksgiving too!

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Hope you can enjoy this with your family too,


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