Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail (FSPDT): Firefighter Books and Easy Fire Craft/Coloring sheets...
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Firefighter Books and Easy Fire Craft/Coloring sheets...

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It is fire safety week.  Since both my boys love all things firefighter it was a perfect time to get out a few of our firemen books and read them.  We also did a few activity sheets and an easy fire craft.  Even though they are still at a young age I talked about fire safety a little.  We went over: stop, drop, and roll if you catch fire, what number to call if there is a fire, and what to do if the house ever caught fire.  My youngest may not have picked up on what I was saying but my oldest did.  Big brother had fun showing little brother how to stop, drop, and roll.  Even for young kids taking the time to get in a habit to go over fire safety could make a big difference in a emergency.
Firefighter Books and Easy Fire Craft/Coloring sheets... by FSPDT


I had hoped to put something together for this week some time ago and make it a little more exciting.  However, I had to tell myself that simple is good.  And for my boys this was just enough for their age and they had fun.  I was happy that we took the time to set up a family plan in case of a fire.  We hope you too may be able to have some simple learning and fun with these activities and craft.

Sources for worksheets and craft:
coloring pages
Number trace hat
fire safety craft
Our Day
Firefighter Books and Easy Fire Craft/Coloring sheets...

For the easy fire craft 

Firefighter Books and Easy Fire Craft/Coloring sheets...

You can print the template from above link or make your own.  The link said to let the kids paint the flames but I chose to let them use markers.  Both can be messy but for me the clean up of the markers took less time then the paint would have.  My oldest actually did pretty good and didn't get marker all over.  My youngest did color his highchair a little and his hands,lol.  This did wipe off the chair with ease and his hands came clean enough for me.  I then cut out my toddlers flames and let him help me glue it to black construction paper.  He was very excited to show daddy what he made when he came home.  Big brother chose not to cut his flames out and glue them to paper.  He was also excited to give his picture to daddy when he got home from work.  With my young kids easy crafts work best for us most days so this was perfect.

Here's a link with a little info on fire safety week. 

5 Firefighter Books we love:

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  1. We focused on fire trucks and fire fighters last week too and had so much fun!

  2. Thanks for sharing, pinning this to my Fire Safety board! We love those little people books, I hadn't seen the fire fighter one!