Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail (FSPDT): 20+ Winter Activities Kids Love
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20+ Winter Activities Kids Love

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It's time again for another 10 things Kids Love.  For this one I wanted to share 20+ winter  activities kids love.  Not only winter themed but ideas to keep the kids busy when they can not get outside as much during the winter months. Here are some sensational winter activities for the kids from around the web.

20+ Winter Activities Kids Love by FSPDT

20+ Winter Activities Kids Love
Build A Snowman: Long & Short O Vowel Review- what a fun learning idea from  Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

Fine Motor Skills Build A Snowman by FSPDT

Fine Motor Skills Build A Snowman by FSPDT

 Make Your Own Snowman Gift- what a great idea from Creative Playhouse.

Snowball Experiments by Sugar Aunts- Oh how I wished we had snow here.  This is such a fun experiment. 

Antarctica Sensory Sink and sensory snow recipe by FSPDT need to stay in, try playing in the sink.

 Snow Painting- Love this idea from Rockabye Butterfly.

 Arctic Snow Dough Small World by Crayon Box Chronicles- fun and creative play set up foe the kids

Arctic Snow Dough Small World by Crayon Box Chronicles

S'mores ready in Seconds- with peep marshmallows by FSPDT- perfect treat for a cold day

S'mores ready in Seconds- with peep marshmallows

Making Snowmen from Hair Curlers- what a creative craft idea from Mess For Less.

Snowflake Party by Sugar Aunts

 Ice Ice Baby( ice sun catchers)- what a pretty way to play with ice from the Fairy and The Frog.

Muffin Tin Snowman- is a yummy idea from JDaniel4's Mom.

 Marshmallow Painting-  from Mamas Like Me is a fun way to use marshmallows.

Winter Bath for Kids-easy yet so much fun by FSPDT- keep the kids busy with a winter themed bath.

bath activities
 Cinnamon Sugar Snowflakes- what a yummy idea from Happy Hooligans.

 Make a "Snowmoose"-  what a fun idea from Glittering Muffins

Torn Paper Snowman Craft- from us FSPDT.  The kids had fun tearing paper.

DIY Snowflake Stampers by Sugar Aunts- perfect activity when you are stuff inside.

Sensory Snow by FSPDT

Sensory Snow-how to make

Antarctic Sensory Iceberg by Crayon Box Chronicles-  perfect winter time sensory bin


Hot Chocolate Snow Dough by FSPDT

Hot Chocolate Snow Dough by FSPDT

 I see a lot of fun ideas I would like to try.  Hope you do too.

                                         10 Winter Ideas Kids Love

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  1. Nice collection! Thanks for including us :)

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  3. What a fun list! Thanks for including our marshmallow painting! We did torn paper snowmen today and the kids loved them :) It's so great for that fine motor development! Can't wait to try out a few more!

  4. Cinnamon Snow Flakes. Yes please. Great ideas here to beat the winter blues.