Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail (FSPDT): Halloween Sensory Noodles Play Activity
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Halloween Sensory Noodles Play Activity

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This is our first Halloween Sensory Play Activity.  We have not done a lot of Halloween play or crafts in the past.  My oldest is just now in preschool (2012).  Now that the kids are getting older I thought I would set them up a Halloween play activity.  Colored noodles can be so much fun.  We have done holiday themed noodles before and my boys loved them!  I decided to do them again with a Halloween twist.  Halloween Sensory Noodles Play Activity is what I came up with.

Halloween Sensory Noodles Play Activity

What you need: 

Colored noodles

orange extract




plastic play pieces( I got these at Dollar Tree).

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What to do:  

Cook & color noodles(directions in my last post).  This time I added orange extract to my orange noodles for scent.  I set out noodles on a platter.  Then added play pieces and sprinkles.  You can add bowls, spoons, etc...  Then let the kids have fun playing in this fun sensory experience.

Halloween Sensory Noodles Play Activity

I couldn't wait for my son to smell them.  I just love how the scented noodles came out.  I wished I had a scent for the green ones and so did he.

Halloween Sensory Noodles Play Activity

 Now it was time to start playing.

 Let's add color with sprinkles. Perfect time to go over the colors with the kids. My son loved the sprinkles.  Note:The color of the sprinkle did bleed on the noodles.

This is a great activity to let the kids use creativity, explore textures, color recognition, pretend play cooking, and explore scent.

 My preschooler had so much fun adding the toy pieces.  We went over the colors of them and what they were.  He had fun matching the colors of the toys to the colors of the noodles.  He also had fun serving mommy up a noodle dish to taste(pretend taste).

Hope you and your family may have a little sensory noodle fun too.  I know we will be playing with them again.  Noodles are always a hit at my house.

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  1. I love it, cold, slimy noodles - what perfect Halloween fun.

  2. I bet my kids would love it. I would probably freak out fixing it for them. haha Thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday.

  3. Those colored noodles sure look fun to play with!