Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tail (FSPDT): Tub toys + foam sheets= FUN
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Tub toys + foam sheets= FUN

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This little plastic Rubbermaid has brought so much joy to my family.  My son made his rock box out of one, paper box out of one, and now we play in water in one.  This size box is great for all kind of play.  This day we just added some tub toys and foam sheets to the water to play.  Both my preschooler and toddler had loads of fun.

Our play.

They had fun playing together in the water box.

My little guy loves this simple water play and both boys played for at least 30 min before it was time to come in.  They probably would have stayed out longer but dinner and bath time called:-)

They started sticking them to each other.

Love the laughter that came from both of them while playing.

Both boys had a good time but my toddler loved that he fit better in the box than brother.  Hope you and your family may have some water box fun too.

Please do come and visit us again. We would love to have you back.

All kids are different and only you can decide how you let your kids play. And with what materials you let them play with. My children are supervised when playing. Please keep this in mind with any post you read of mine!

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  1. Love this idea---may have to try that with my boys;) Thanks for sharing!


  2. Cute idea. I love that your toddler got right in the water. I always get excited when I see an idea and think :I could do that." Thanks for sharing. I found you at the Weekly Kid's Co-op.

  3. Oh, how fun!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  4. Love it!! I had our foam pieces out, to do this Friday, but we didn't have time after the shaving cream painting. We're doing it this week though! Looks like your boys loved it! I love that your little guy got right into the bin, shoes and all! Thanks for linking up to the Outdoor Play Party!